Housekeeper service


Eiendom 2 AS  Housekeeper service

Caretaker service can now also come to your home.

And halp you with things you do not master yourself or dont have time to yourself.

We have long experience and skilled co-workers with all necessary equipment including service car.

Here you have the possibility to get several things done at the same time, with only one person which would only increase the cost of it all.

We preform minor plumber work, and if you intend to renew your whole bathroom we have co-partners to take care of that bigger operation also toghether with an electrician.

Minor jobs within joinery, painting, gardenwork  and getting rid of old furniture. We can also take care of.

If you should want assistance to instal a shelf or a picture we will arrange also that for you.

Our intention is to be a good old fashioned caretaker, rather fix and repair than buying something new.

With us we want you to feel the safety of “put the key under the door-mat and come home when the job is finished”.

We will either give you a fixed price or go for a certain price per hour and then estimate how long time the job wil take.

We have a workshop in Stavangerveien, where you can get assistence with mechanical matters such as soldering and welding.

If you want to have your lawn mower cleaned and made ready before a new winter, we take also care of that.

Remember: We are here for you!


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